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Welcome to The Little Farm House blog. Join our family of six adventure in leaving the subdivision life and becoming first-gen farmers. A minimalist, self-sufficiency seed was planted and on a leap of faith, we made the move in January of 2015. We sold our house that we built nine years prior and bought a succession property that belonged to a couple who also had two boys and two girls, who had, by now, grown up in this house and left to have children of their own. What they left behind here is history and also a new beginning. The house called out to us to bring new life to it after sixty years of its watching one family grow and leave. Now these walls see and hear a new family. They have already seen a new family member come into the world. What does the future hold? Will we be able to achieve our dream of living debt-free and self-sufficiency? How can our journey help others and bring glory to God? I hope that this blog brings inspiration to someone else, reassurance that you are not alone in this hope, and entertainment for anyone who just wants to see a nutty family do some crazy things.