I have duck eggs. Now what?

Since we’ve started selling duck eggs, we’ve had a few noteworthy reactions from people who have never tried them. I get it. I am from New Orleans and Atlanta and prior to meeting my hubby, didn’t know what a food looked like outside of a grocery store or a package. Now I have the great privilege of seeing them from start to finish and don’t hesitate to crack some delicious duck eggs and cram them in my mouth in the form of something wonderful in the morning before rushing to our school room for the day’s lessons.

What may help ease some minds is being able to see the potential of these slightly exotic eggs. I have been perusing recipes for a while, now that we have plenty to experiment with (personal note: use for future science experiments), we are trying various dishes. I will share this compilation of delicious recipes using duck eggs in hopes that it will ease your mind. I tend to look for healthy options but may throw in something just plain scrumptious and irresistible. We always need balance, right? In addition to being more nutritious than chicken eggs, duck eggs are alkaline-forming in the body, rather than acid-forming. There is a whole slew of articles and information regarding benefits of an alkaline body, but not here… yet. I will try to write a post on that info specifically at a later date.

Please forget that I am a New Orleanian for a little while. I don’t want to go the way of Disney’s healthy gumbo! So that no one ever forgets that mistake, I am sharing the video of how cajuns react to Disney’s healthy gumbo…. just no.

  1. Zucchini Breakfast Pizza by The Pancake Princess

She doesn’t specify “duck” egg, however, since we have plenty and this looks divine, I will call for 1 Duck Egg. Pancake Princess, call me if you want some duck eggs!

2. Potage of vegetables with poached duck egg and fresh herbs by Chris Horridge

3. Duck Egg Pasta by LTD Farm

4. Easy Coconut Macaroons by Jen of Yummy Healthy Easy

5. Duck Egg Mayonnaise by

6. Low-Carb Power Greens Breakfast Casserole with Feta and Mozzarella by Kalyn’s Kitchen

7. Warm salad of asparagus, bacon, duck egg & hazelnuts By Orlando Murrin


8. Quick and Easy Egg Drop Soup 

9. The Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies by Foy

10. Duck Egg Curry by Stylecraze


There you go. Let me know what you think and if you make any of these great recipes.

Saving Money

Reselling Used Clothes for Extra Cash

Someone in this house has a bad habit. Someone in this house loves good deals and maybe is a huge sucker for a good deal and makes purchases solely on that alone. I am opportunistic and buy in advance so that my future self saves money. With a family of six, running a small farm, homeschooling, and trying to pay off as much debt as possible on one income, we can use as much extra cash as possible.

In our minimizing journey, I have had to purge at least half of the clothes I owned before our move into this house. I went from large, small-bedroom-sized-walk-in closet to half of a tiny closet that I share with my hubby. Though our society may have been horrified at the prospect, I embraced it. It was hard but I wanted it. Deep down, I know I want to be a minimalist. My being craves not being tied down to material things any longer. Ridding myself, though, is another story.

A few months ago, I decided to go through all of my pre-pregnancy clothes to either donate or sell. I hope to get back to pre-pregnancy size but, like everything else right now, I want to let go. I could store clothes until then but I also want to let go of any expectations and just live in the moment. I will get there but I want to do it in a healthy and loving way to my body and not because I feel the need to be a certain size by a certain date. I saved my favorites and separated the rest. I am much happier peering into my clean and organized closet and know that I love what is in there, because that is the only stuff I will keep.

After some googling, I found a website, Poshmark. I know there are more and I will update soon on my experiences with those, but for now, I am perusing this one and gaining some wisdom and style at the same time. If you haven’t heard of Poshmark, it is a website created to serve as an online consignment store for mostly women’s clothes and just recently men’s and children’s were added. You photograph your clothing, accessories, shoes, etc. and list. It is super easy. You store your clothes until they sell. Poshmark gets 20% of the sale price and provides pre-paid shipping label. When the buyer accepts, you get paid.

I have made a little over a hundred dollars in just over a month of creating listing to sell. While I may not be rolling in the riches just yet, it is a fairly easy system to set up and just wait. I could make more if I spent a little more time with it, promoting my items and some other tools I will share. It is also pretty fun to arrange outfits with accessories to market them. Don’t get the wrong idea either. I am no fashionista by any means. Like I said, it’s easy and it’s extra money you may not otherwise have with extra clothes sitting in your closet taking up space. During this short time span, I have also acquired about three thousand followers, “fast-shipper” status, and “Posh Mentor” status. This is something easily attainable in your spare time and has the potential of making you lots more money.

Use this invite code and get $5 upon signing up: NZSRB

Here are some tips I’ve learned:

1. Be descriptive and accurate

People leave comments and ratings on a scale from 1 star to 5 stars, five being the best. This, like your college GPA, is super difficult to live with if you get a low rating and lots and lots of work to make up for it. Be as accurate and descriptive as possible so that when the buyer receives the item, they are not surprised by any discrepancies in the description. Your buyer will be happy to receive an item, even with wear, if they know this up front and are expecting it. By the same token, leave good reviews if you are happy with a purchase. It is a social community as well, so make connections.

2. Ship quickly

Again, you want your buyer to be happy with their purchase. They will be excited and eagerly awaiting their package. The faster you ship, the better. If they are disappointed in the wait, they be more likely to be disappointed in the item. You want them to receive it while they are still excited about their purchase.

3. “Follow” others because they will “follow” you

On Poshmark, it is a common courtesy to re-follow someone who “follows” you. Why? When you expand your followers, you are extending your audience. Everyone is trying to expand their market. There are also follow games you can join in order to gain followers quickly. The quicker you expand, the more you will sell because more people see your items when you “share” them on the newsfeed, which you can politely share once a day.

4. Share your listing along with others’ listings

This rule is like the previous one; if you share another seller’s listing, they will share yours. You scratch my back. I will scratch yours. It is a win-win. You both reach markets that may not otherwise be seen if you only share to your own followers. Their followers will see your listing and likely follow you as well and you increase your chances of a sale.

5. Accessorize your listings

Market your clothes and accessories so that they are appealing. You want them to stand out amongst the stream of pictures and to catch the eye. If you are on Pinterest and save those cute little Polyvore outfit pins, you will understand this concept. It is like staging a home to sell. Show the buyer the potential. This market is different from shopping in a store so take advantage of that. You can show them what works with that outfit. I have made purchases based on this because, frankly, I am not so good at fashion. With that said, I list mine very simply but use an app to create an appealing image with a nice background.

6. Make your closet stand out

You also want your closet to be appealing to draw a potential buyer in. People like to “bundle” items, which means to purchase several in order to get a discount and save on shipping costs. If they look through your closet, you could sell multiple items at a time. Choose a color scheme or theme and try to stick to it. Some photograph on a faux fur white rug, some on a white wall, some on their living room sofa, which is honest, but not as appealing. I use an app to remove the background from my item. I, then, use a different app to place the image on a background for a nice effect and add the brand in a pretty font on that image. Have some sort of consistency in your listings and this will make your closet stand out.

Closet Items

7. Share listing on social media

By sharing on social media, you are again extending your market, and as an added benefit, possibly gaining credits. This leads us to the next tip.

8. Invite friends to join you

Share your code with your friends and they receive a $5 credit upon joining Poshmark while you, also, get a $5 credit upon their first purchase. If you would like this credit, use the code NZSRB. 

If you are interested in topics like this, please follow me and comment so I can write more about this later.


Journey to Debt-Free Minimalism

Welcome to our blog, and by welcome, I also mean me (since I am new to my blog, and by our, I mean hubby, kids, and myself. Now that the specifics are out of the way, I can move on to the more important things like debt-free, minimalism, farming, homeschooling, DIYing, and all of those other blog-worthy topics you find on Pinterest. Like many others before us, we were inspired by this lifestyle. Maybe it crept in a little at a time sometimes and other times, like a floodgate opening (kind of like when we sold our larger, newer home for a smaller, much older home, during a pregnancy and while kids were in school). Currently in the midst of it, we are still processing the changes. What is our mission? What are our goals, short-term and long-term? What are we willing to sacrifice to reach said goals?

At the moment, I have a sleeping baby, who smells like old bananas, on me, two older children at the school table behind me, a young adult an older teenager, and lots of questions unanswered floating around in my head. Through this blog, I plan to elaborate on each area of our lives, whether it was effective or not, worth your time or not, so that maybe you can learn from our mistakes or *fingers crossed* our successes. We have only taken a few steps in the direction in which we want to progress. Join our crazy journey, whatever may come of it. In the end, I pray it all gives glory to the one who made us and gave us His breath of life.

Placeholder Image“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Colossians 3:17